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October 2017

Halloween Bingo Bash

Come join us at the Clubhouse for our 5th annual Halloween Bingo Bash. We will be having a costume contest.  Costumes are optional!  Residents will get to vote for their favorite costume.  We will provide chili and beverages.

When: Thursday, October 26th

Where: Lakeside Hills clubhouse

Time: 4:00 PM– 6:00 PM

Please RSVP to the leasing office by Monday, October 23rd.  We hope to see you there!



  • Make sure you are parking in your spots. We know mistakes happen. Make sure to double check your parking stall number before parking.
  • Park straight. Be sure to park your car in the middle of your parking stall as straight as you can. This makes it easier for your neighbors to park, as well as, getting in and out of their cars.
  • Wait for garage doors. If you notice the door is already open, please do not try to go through. Wait for it to start closing and then reopen. Our garage doors do not have motion sensors and are timed to give one vehicle enough time to go through.
  • Wide turns to get into your stall. If your stall is next to a column, please move your car as far right (or left) as you can before turning into your spot. This will help maneuver your car into the stall more easily.
  • Back end of cars. Please make sure the back end of your car (or front if you pull in backwards) does not pass the yellow lines. This makes it harder for people who are parked across from you to back out or pull into their stalls.


Maintenance will be coming around to check furnaces starting Monday, October 9th.  They will need to enter the apartments to turn on the furnaces and make sure they are working properly before it gets too cold out.

You may have your fireplace pilot light turned on at this time as well. Please call the office to be added to the list.

They will be working on them between 9 AM– 12PM each day.

October 9th– Building 1 (17120)

October 10th– Building 2 (17121)

October 11th– Building 3 (17130)

October 12th– Building 4 (17131)

October 13th– Building 5 (17010)

October 16th– Building 6 (17011)

Any problems that they come across will have a work order written for them to return and fix it.



10/1 Dale S.                                10/22 Georgia B.

10/2 Kathryn B.                          10/24 Carol R.

10/3 Doris H.                              10/24 Karen V.

10/5 Jeanene G.                         10/24 Al B.

10/5 Bob P.                                10/25 Elaine S.

10/10 Leota T.                            10/25 Kerry L.

10/14 Sandra S.                          10/25 Marilyn C.

10/15 Dorothy M. 10/28 Dee P.

10/16 LaRena H. 10/28 Al D.

10/19 Doris N. 10/29 Florence M.

10/21 Kimberly H. 10/29 Donna S

10/22 Jeff R. 10/31 Annie R.



We will be popping popcorn at the clubhouse to celebrate National Popcorn Popping Month.

Stop by on Friday, October 13th anytime between 11:00 AM– 3:00 PM for some popcorn!



We will be doing our annual food drive next month. It will be from Wednesday, November 1st through Thursday, November 30th. More details will be provided in next month’s newsletter.



Glenn & Linda r.,

Building 2

Welcome to Lakeside Hills! Thank you for deciding to live in our community. We hope you will come out and enjoy all the monthly activities we have planned.  We hope that our long time residents make our new residents feel welcome!



It is that time of year to take down your bird feeders.  The cooler season is approaching and other animals besides birds will be looking for food.

Please do not feed the geese on our property. You may go to the lake to do so, but feeding them on our property can cause traffic to stall.



Monday, October 9rd– Monday, October 16th:  Maintenance furnace checks and fireplaces may be turned on upon request. See notice above for details. Notices will also be placed in your building.

Thursday, October 12th: Bridge and additional card games will begin at 2:00 PM at the Clubhouse.

Friday, October 13th: Stop by the Clubhouse between 11AM-3PM for some popcorn to celebrate National Popcorn Popping  month.

Monday, October 16th: Monday morning coffee. Come join fellow residents at the Clubhouse for snacks and coffee. Cost is $1.00.  Begins at 9:30 AM.

Thursday , October 26th:  Halloween Bingo Bash  from 2:00 PM– 4:00 PM. Costumes are optional.  Chili and Witch’s brew will be provided. Please RSVP to the office by Monday,  October 23th.










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